Giving Voice develops presentations to accommodate the needs of various group requests. A series of brief scenarios can be specifically designed based on needs; however, presentations are best utilized as fully developed workshops based on one main scene.

90 Minute Workshops

This workshop includes a brief introduction, presentation of the scene, a talkback session when participants ask questions of the characters, followed by a repeat of the scene where participants can intervene to improve the situation.

3 Hour Workshops

This workshop includes an extended introduction, with an opportunity for participants to get to know each other. This introduction also incorporates discussion of various forms of oppression, and common microaggressions. This is followed by presentation of the scene, a more comprehensive talkback session for participants to ask questions of the characters to understand backgrounds and viewpoints. This is followed by a break and time to confer with other participants to develop interventions to improve the situation. The extended break allows for participants to brainstorm ideas and develop an improved comfort level for addressing various oppressions in the scene. Again, the scene is repeated and participants can try different interventions to improve the situation.

Main Scenes

Main Scenes are designed for full workshop experience.

American History

American History focuses on a teacher who tries to handle a group discussion that has entered into areas beyond the academic subject, including comments that escalate the situation into a difficult challenge. This scenario can be applied to other leaders who are faced with the prospect of difficult dialogues. This scenario is appropriate for faculty and other leaders of students in middle school, high school, and higher education.


Breakroom has a workplace setting and addresses a variety of issues ranging from microaggressions to overt oppression based on race, gender, educational background, and status. This scenario was developed specifically to address the internal interactions of the workplace. It is appropriate for leaders and employees of a variety of organizations.

Group Project

Group Project portrays the complexities of a group of students who meet in the library to work on an assignment for class. This scenario explores the challenges students face among their peers, how to handle these challenges, and the ethical dilemma of speaking up for others. This scenario is appropriate for students in middle school, high school, and college.


Scenarios are designed for brief presentation and discussion.


Advisement is a series of various short scenarios developed for advisors and addresses potential challenges, including sexism, racism, and homophobia/heterosexism.


Bureaucracy is a series of short scenarios that address issues such as sexism, racism, and classism. These scenarios were developed specifically for businesses and are appropriate for any organization interacting with the public.