Giving Voice goes to Washington

Giving Voice was created to meet the vital needs of a continuing and growing presence of oppressed, marginalized persons. This is done through scenarios that shed light on discrimination. Once named, it can be combated. Through the Giving Voice experience comes an awakening to issues often unknown or ignored, resulting in an oppressive environment. The training provides a safe environment to not only discuss how to approach situations but to actually "try out" the various ideas.

Why Giving Voice?

  • Develop cultural competency
  • Enhance faculty awareness of multicultural dimensions of teaching
  • Specifically researched and designed scenes
  • Participants report lasting impressions of particular individuals portrayed
  • Realization of the use of ignoring as a technique and its harm
  • Talkback sessions with individuals portrayed are extremely insightful
  • Confidence is developed through modeling of others participating and/or personal participation